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Tamping tines reinforced with tungsten carbide :

For Plasser & Theurer, Matisa, Jackson, Harsco… machines and adaptation....

The avantages of our tamping tools Catalog

The concept of MKTOOL tamping tines is the MONOBLOC DESIGN.
Tine shaft and tine spade are forged in one single piece as a monobloc.

No welding seam between shaft and spade enables to maximize the hardfacing with tungsten as well on front or rear of the tool.

This TOTAL PROTECTION increases the life span of 30% over other wear resistant tamping tines hard faced by tungsten carbide.

Moreover, the
MONOBLOC design allows a sharp intrusion angle of the tine.
That eases the intrusion into hard ballast and reduces the wear of the tamping bank.

In comparison to traditional non hard faced tamping tines, the life of
MKTOOL Monobloc tines is at least 20 to 30 times longer, according to working conditions.

Due to the life span of MKTOOL tamping tines you can optimize :
- life span of the tamping banks
- life span of the cone holders
- saving on replacement cost for pick arms

MKTOOL MONOBLOC tamping tines for PLASSER and MATISA tampers are in use worldwide.

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